Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs are true innovators when it comes to supplements. This was founded by Aaron Singerman and PJ Braun and they have set about bringing the best products possible to market. Not just a boring amino acid or protein blend. They research cutting edge ingredients so you have access to the most innovative supplements available. These guys are relentless when it comes to development and quality so you can be assured Blackstone Labs products deliver on promises and they’ll tastes amazing too.

Although only a relatively new brand in supplement terms Blackstone Labs has carved out a reputation as a maker of hardcore supplements that work!



Anesthetized might be the most important supplement you ever use, although we suggest you don’t use it every night. Instead take it on nights in which you’ve had a tough training session, or you really need to get some rest. Anesthetized can be stacked with any Blackstone Labs product. Make sleep a priority and make better gains. It’s as simple as that.

Dust v2

It’s time for DUST! Hair on fire, eyes bugging out of your head, psycho intensity in just ONE scoop. Explosive strength and power, extreme energy, endurance, and fire hose sized veins and pumps. We took all of the feedback from Angel Dust, analyzed the most up-to-date research in the field, and catered toward what you, the athlete, needs to drink for optimal performance.




Glycolog is an amazing pump enhancer and insulin partitioner. If gaining mass is important to you, take it alongside of Formula 19 and Isolation.
When your body takes in carbs, beta cells in the pancreas, which is often considered to be the least-understood organ in the body, produce and secrete insulin, which is a storage hormone. This is where the gain train either rockets out of the station, or slams the brakes and braces for impact.


Blackstone Labs has strived for nothing short of extraordinary with each release of its ground breaking supplements. PCTIV was the ultimate Post Cycle Therapy product for our users who were looking to regain homeostasis after various cycles – especially those that can cause testosterone suppression. With testosterone suppression comes an onslaught of negative sides, and the four key ingredients of PCTIV combatted them in four distinct ways.




Trojan Horse utilizes a cellular process known as uncoupling, one of the most powerful ways your body can burn fat. Uncoupling essentially causes your body to use much more energy than it normally would to create ATP, and this extra energy comes from the breakdown of fat. Previously, the most powerful (and harmful) fat burner of all time, 2,4-Dinitrophenol (otherwise known as DNP), used uncoupling to burn fat.